Slot terms that you must know

Slot games are very easy to play. Still, they have a range of features, and beginners may feel confused without understanding the slot terminologies. You have to be familiar with slot machine terms to play the game confidently.

Find the list of terms most commonly used in slot games.


The term- blank refers to non-symbols, which indicate spaces between different icons. Due to the presence of blanks, players do not find it easy to deal with successful groupings.

Bonus symbols

Every slot machine has unique bonus symbols, which send players into the Bonus Round of the machine. While playing the slot, some bonus symbols are essential to activate the Bonus Round.


This term is used in almost any casino game, including the slot. By placing the bet, you wager an amount. As a slot player, you have to place bets on the result of a spin. You can decide on how much you like to bet.

Fruit Machine –

Slot machines are commonly known as the fruit machines in the UK. The classic slots in Britain are 3-reel games, and they originally have images of fruits on their reels.

Flat-Top Slots –

They are non-progressive slots offering a top payout consistently. The accumulated amount and the number of your wins will not affect the payout.

Multiplier Symbol

This symbol is unique in every slot machine. It can increase your winnings on a particular spin. While you win several multipliers, it will make a difference in the additional amount you win.


Loose Slots

Several players like to play loose slots, as these machines ensure frequent payouts. But, the payout size is not big in case of loose slots. These slots can offer small prizes very often.



There is at least a single payline in the slot machine. However, some slots have more than 50 paylines. Based on the level of intricacy of the game, you can find a difference in the slot. While a combination of slot symbols passes through the payline, you will win credits.


The term has 2 implications- your bets and your wins. Players may also purchase the credits to play the casino game.

Random Number Generator –

It is the computer software ensuring random results of the game. The casinos have to make sure that they test the software regularly to maintain fairness and randomness in the game.


One of the major features of slots is the spinning wheels. The old version of slot machines used to include3 mechanical wheels. There are also images and symbols added to them. Players turned on the reels to see when they would stop and position the symbols.

Scatter Symbols 

They are present at different places on the slot reels. These scatter symbols turn on the winning combinations with multipliers and bonuses.

These are some important terms, related to online slots. A proper understanding of the terms will help you to play the games efficiently. At, you can play different themed slot games. Get fun from those games and win your bets.