London Baggage Storage Locations

Every year, countless visitors visit the UK capital to enjoy the metropolitan area and require baggage storage in London. In reality, London is the largest renowned city in the country in terms of visitor numbers, with over Thirty thousand individuals visiting the city annually! Lugging your stuff around such a crowded city might detract from the whole experience. As a result, here is your 2022 baggage storage reference, which will give you the most up-to-date information regarding where to park baggage in the lovely city of the United Kingdom, London.


Some hotels will let you store your bags there for the day. You may make reservations at hotels near your airport, bus, or rail station. That would save time. You should remain close to that region. If they will store your baggage for you, be certain it is in a secure area where your belongings will not be readily accessible. Although this certainly encourages you to have a good time in London, you won’t have to worry about your belongings being stolen!

Inquire with the hotel to find out if there is a price for luggage storage in London. The majority won’t. However, if you’re staying in a dormitory, many will offer lockers that you may use but must pay for.Lastly, if you’re participating in something at the resort which you’re not staying at, such as eating lunch or high tea, they’ll normally let you leave your bags there.

London Airbnb 

This is entirely dependent. The wisest thing to do would be to check with your Airbnb homeowner in advance to see whether this is doable. In general, if you inquire quite far ahead of time, they may be willing to accept you, provided that they don’t have additional guests coming too soon on the very day you leave out. But, once again, this is entirely dependent.

This works best in apartments with a travel agency or a security guard because you can typically leave bags with them. But, once again, verify with the homeowner, and if this is a major issue for you, check it out before you accept the booking.

Railways in London

Baggage may be stored in the majority of London’s main railway and bus terminals via a “left luggage” service.

  • Coach Station Victoria
  • The Victoria Coach Station left baggage office is located at Gate 0.
  • Stations include Victoria, Charing Cross, Kings Cross, Euston St., Pancras International, Paddington, Waterloo, and Liverpool St.

The Surplus Luggage servicing all of these locations. You can reserve ahead of time or decide to drop off your bags when you arrive at the station. They also provide extra services like luggage weighing, luggage shipment, luggage packing, and so on, as well as group savings. 

Private baggage storage companies

There are various small businesses in London that will keep your luggage at stores, restaurants, and lodgings that have additional room. If you are unable to go to a railway station or perhaps an airport in London to keep your luggage, utilizing any of these solutions is a viable option. 

Attractions and museums

Some of London’s main galleries and sites feature bag lockers and/or cloakrooms in which you can store your luggage if you just require them for a couple of hours. It’s not a great answer, but Luggage Storage London may be useful if you already intend to visit or if you’re weary of hauling them about all day.

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