5 Outdoor Activities That Can Be Enjoyed Throughout Winter

As the temperatures begin to drop and the weather becomes less accommodating many will take to hibernate, putting aside their outdoor activities and adventures for the winter period. This climate, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that all excursions should be postponed. In fact, there are a number of activities that can not only be enjoyed during the colder months but also necessitate a chillier landscape.

In the interest of keeping individuals active during the winter, we’re sharing five great activities that can be enjoyed even on the coldest of days.


It may seem rather surprising, but many seasoned fishers will prefer the winter over the summer when it comes to spending time outdoors. Sitting in the sun on a hot day does come with its own challenges, especially when fishing, which is partly why there is a preference for a cooler climate. Winter landscapes also tend to draw less footfall, making the environment much calmer and more suited to the meditative setting that supports fishing. And, with fewer boats being active, there are a greater number of fishing spots available.


Wild swimming has become widely popular across the UK and it is no longer unusual to see enthusiastic swimmers taking a dip in the winter either. The rise of cold water swimming has occurred for a number of reasons, with many celebrating the health benefits and embracing the thrill of a chilly dip. It is important to be safe and comfortable when stepping into the water and many swimmers will begin preparing themselves for the colder climate by taking a regular dip from summer onwards.


Whether thinking of your excursion as a ramble, stroll, or hike, getting out into the wild and exploring is a brilliant way to stay active when the temperatures drop. Promising you have the right equipment, and an insulated flask with a hot drink, even cold days will struggle to ruin your journey. Plus, many trails and routes are much quieter, if not entirely empty, outside of the tourist season, making for a much more pleasant and serene experience.

Mountain Biking

If it’s the speed and thrill of an outdoor adventure that you enjoy, mountain biking is something to be embraced all year round. As with other activities, routes are generally quieter during the winter months, and the intensity of the workout means that individuals will be able to push themselves further at lower temperatures, especially if there’s a warm cafe or bar at the end to reward themselves with!


While many will prefer to cross over into Europe for their favourite slopes, there are a number of options for skiing experiences in the UK too, with Wales and Scotland having a number of stunning steeps to visit. There are even a number of mountains that are revered by professional skiers too, such as those found across Wales’ remarkable Snowdonia National Park landscape, which can offer both amazing views and remarkable expanses during the winter season.

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