4 Ways To Go Beyond Paddleboarding This Summer

Paddleboarding has quickly become one of the most popular watersport activities around the world. In addition to opening new landscapes up to individuals and groups, it is also an accessible endeavour, one that can be picked up easily by those of all ages. One only needs to become accustomed to the balancing of a board before finding themselves able to explore rivers, lakes, and shorefronts with ease, being able to do so in various climates and weather conditions too.

In the wake of this popularity, however, some have begun taking the possibilities of paddleboarding further, going beyond the activity of exploration to combine the activity with other interests. Some of these embrace the relaxing aspect of paddleboarding, finding even more serenity on the water, while others celebrate the more adventurous element of catching waves and rapids.

If you’ve begun finding your feet on the water and would like to learn about what possibilities await, we have four of the most exciting new ways to go beyond paddleboarding this summer.


Natural landscapes and yoga have often been mixed together. The act of seeking inner peace and balance is elevated by the healing respite found in wild landscapes. While some have chosen to take their yoga in forests and others into meadows, many are now choosing to practice their pursuit on the water, using paddleboards as a platform.

By taking your board out onto a lake, or even the ocean, you can embrace your poses and meditation while being balanced on your board and away from the land, revelling in the peacefulness of water instead.


At the other end of paddleboarding possibilities is paddleboard surfing. While many picked up their paddleboard as a way to enjoy the water when surfing wasn’t possible, some have discovered that the two endeavours aren’t mutually exclusive and, in fact, paddleboarding lends itself very well to catching waves.

While not every paddleboard will lend itself to surfing, there are a growing number of nimble and stylish paddleboards made for surfing, allowing for both exploration and adventure on the water.


One of the most valued aspects of stand-up paddleboarding is the vantage point it gives individuals who travel out to different locations. This could simply be the cityscape as seen from the water or cliffs seen from otherwise inaccessible perspectives. However, it can also be the chance to see hidden coves and lesser-explored caves, all of which are ideal possibilities for photographers.

While some might be concerned about taking their equipment out on the water, there are now a number of waterproofing solutions available, as well as gear bags designed for boards, to ensure every piece of equipment is kept safe.


While many fishers are happy to enjoy the peacefulness of the shore, some prefer to get out and onto the water knowing that there will be a greater number of fish. As such, paddleboards have become a preferred mode of transportation for individuals and groups who want to set up their rods in more remote locations, knowing that they are more likely to make a catch when away from the land.

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